At mass this last Sunday, we celebrated two things: a baptism and an anniversary.  The baptism was beautiful.  After the sacrament, Father always lifts the baby up and carries him or her down the aisle for everyone to admire the newest member in our church.  There is rarely a dry eye in the pews.

The anniversary we celebrated was beautiful as well.  The couple has been married for 50 years.  They have been blessed with 10 children and 33 grandchildren.  When it was time to bring up the gifts, each of their grandchildren brought up a tulip that was placed in a vase.  All 33 of them.  The line went from the front of the church all the way to the back.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the blessings of a long marriage right there in front of us.

Children.  The fruit and blessing of a marriage.

I thought maybe they were going to give the flowers to their Grandma, but I watched in amazement as the oldest grandchild then took the laden-down vase and offered the flowers to Mary by putting the vase next to her statue in the front of the church.

A strong devotion to Mary.  The fruit and blessing of a long faith.

I can only pray that someday Ron and I will sit in church with our children and grandchildren celebrating the fruits and blessings of our long marriage and our long faith.

Beautiful.  Simply Beautiful.




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