Today is a Holy Day of Obligation, or as our priest likes to put it, an HDO.  All Saints Day, a day to remember all of the people who lived their lives completely for God.  Holy men and women who were human beings just like us.  And just like them, we are all called to be Saints.

Even though I grew up Catholic and went through 12 years of Catholic School, I know very little about the Saints.  For some reason, either we were not taught about them, or I just didn’t pay attention.  I honestly think it is a little of both.  I do know that the saints were not talked about in our home much.

I have only recently began to explore their lives and get to know their stories.

One resource that has been very helpful to me is Catholic Online.  This is a very accessible list of all the Saints in alphabetical order.  There is a Saint of the day and a list of popular Saints, as well.

Because I am an athlete, I do have a special fondness for St. Sebastian and St. Christopher.  I have also enjoyed reading about Blessed Pope John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

However, I really don’t have a patron or “go-to” Saint yet.  This is something I pray about often.  This article, that I found on Catholic Mom, talks about choosing a patron Saint for your family.  I had never thought about this, but I would really like to talk to our kids about it.  What a neat idea!

Who is your “go-to” Saint and why?  Does your family have a patron Saint?



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